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Primrose Octavia Merryticklefeather
(Pom Pom the Clown)

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Princess Patty!
& Fairy Godmother available for your
Birthday Party, Balloon Bouquet Delivery or any special event!

Who you gonna call??


27 years ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . sorry . . . I spaced out there for a second. LOL
Pom Pom the Clown came to be because... I love kids!
I wanted to do something with kids, and for kids to entertain and bring them joy and lasting memories.

Look for Pom Pom at children’s birthday parties, company events, fairs, festivals, promotions, parades anywhere there are people and parties!
Pom Pom performs both small scale and stage magic called, “Creative Clown Comedy Magic”. In this show the child becomes the star and does the magic, producing a real live rabbit from a drawing while Pom Pom is the incompetent, unable to perform even the simplest trick.
Pom Pom the Clown creates the “Balloon Animals” that are so popular at events. Swords, hats, dogs, specialty characters, these creations amaze and delight children of all ages.
Face Painting is always a hit and Pom Pom will create face designs that all children clamor for. Spiderman, flowers, butterflies, snakes, lizards, etc. Pom Pom paints a full face or a small cheek design that all the children love. Pom Pom says, “"It is a challenge to work on a moving canvas, but it does wash right off with comet and a scrub brush!"

Located in Northern California
Will travel north & south from Chico to Sacramento,
east & west from Colusa to Grass Valley and other areas upon request.
(530) 671-5233
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